Inclusion Plus

Keeping Clients Safe

When visiting our office, accommodation facility or taking part in our services, you have the right to be free from harm and any form of abuse or neglect. Inclusion Plus treats any allegation of abuse, assault or neglect very seriously. Allegations may be subject to both mandatory reporting and police involvement. 

Inclusion Plus employs skilled staff who respect the rights of people with disability, are aware of current policies and legislation pertaining to abuse, neglect and unexplained absences and will support people and their families, guardians and advocates to access complaint mechanisms and raise any concerns they have about our services. All staff undergo comprehensive criminal history screening and other mandatory checks prior to employment. 

Inclusion Plus is committed to providing services in a safe and healthy environment. Work Health and Safety (WHS) is the responsibility of all Inclusion Plus stakeholders – including staff, volunteers, participants, families, carers and visitors. 

Notify us of any safety concerns you have by phoning 07 5441 6600 or by email.

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